Sunday, June 17, 2007


As your #1 resource for finding past favorites Back on the Big Screen, our list had become unwieldy, so cinema links have been moved to individual pages, sorted by state. (And several new theates were added!) If you know of one we don't have, please comment. And if you find bad links or tpyos, please comment with those as well.

We have also published new reader reviews for theatres in Washington, California, and Rhode Island, bringing our total number of cinemas reviewed to 75. Keep those reviews coming, so that moviegoers can find and support the best theatres, and keep 'em open!

Finally, we've added a bunch of new screenings to our Back on the Big Screen Poll page, where you vote for the movies you want to see on the Big Screen, and we provide links to actual screenings. Keep those votes coming!

Vacationing in Ocracoke, N.C., home of zero cinemas

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