Saturday, June 23, 2007

Screenland Theatre Crossroads

1656 Washington St., Kansas City, Missouri 64108


Review by Chris at Home Theater Forum:

There are often people who rank theaters highly for their THX status, their incredible field of vision, and attributes that make the on screen experience great. Screenland is a smaller theater that is not the most "technology superior" screen in town. Every seat is a great seat with a perfect view of the screen because it's a smaller house and you don't feel crammed in.

Screenland is at it's heart a special treat for any film lover. Screenland theater, provides fans of all film a chance to see the films of ages gone by, and independent films in a beautiful classically styled theater.

With luxury seating available (barco loungers) access to a full bar, and the best staff in town, period, Screenland provides one of those experiences that has to be experienced.

Screenland has been a big opener for independent films - Clerks 2 was screened for national media there, as cast members showed up and talked to fans.

The lobby area is a work of history - a tour of when Walt Disney ran Laugh-O-Gram studios nearby, including pieces of art that he had done. Set pieces taken from Altman's "Kansas City" and other films produced about and in KC are present for a film buff to drool over.

But what really makes Screenland special is the way the staff listens to the customer and provides events that make me want to visit often. When I look at their upcoming films they will show, it's a mix of old & new.

Is there anywhere else where I could catch a double feature of Ghostbusters I & II, while in the afternoon have a chance to see some unique independent film? Where a theater owner tells an audience that he's rooting to show "Firefly" once a year because he loves it? Or decides a midnight showing of "Big Lebowski" invites fans?

This is a real rarity, a true treat. Screenland is a theater owned by theater junkies who cater not to box office but to their audience. And everytime I go, I'm glad I went. I've managed to see several great films there.. great foreign films, independent films, and classics. In one day I was able to see "Downfall" and later that day managed to watch "This is Spinal Tap".

Screenland is a treasure.

Cinema Grade = B+

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