Monday, June 4, 2007

Regal Guest Response System

From a story at Yahoo! Tech:
"We rarely go to the release of a new movie anymore mainly because of other rude moviegoers. It's impossible to enjoy a movie in a room full of people talking on their cell phones, each other, or screaming at their children."

Regal Entertainment Group has been issuing a device that allows members of its "Regal Crown Club" to report on problem in the auditorium without leaving their seat.

It's sad that so many moviegoers lack the common courtesy to shut your stupid mouth while at the movies.

But since fewer and fewer theatre managers seem willing to send ushers into auditorums to check for problems, this device is a good idea, assuming that someone actually responds to the complaints.

If you've used one of these devices, COMMENT below and share your experience.

Click here for a full list of participating theatres.


David Jones said...

Why did you remove the image?

Jonesy said...

The link broke somehow. I'll put it back.