Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pacific Galleria Stadium 16

15301 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 501-5121

Submitted by Charles CB at Home Theatre Forum on 06/02/07:

A pretty decent multiplex is the Pacific Galleria 16 in Sherman Oaks. The main 2 Theaters are pretty massive with great seating. The rest of the 14 theaters however are pretty small. A slight problem however is that it does attract a fairly large high school crowd and we all know how bad that can be.

During a screening of The Village, the front row had about 5 incredibly annoying teenagers who kept talking and pointing a laser pointer at the screen during the opening credits. for those of you who have not seen or dont remember, the opening credits for The Village are set in front of a very bright white background if I remember properly. Suddenly a few rows in front of a man suddenly stands with intense purpose in his body language. Its very obvious that he is NOT just going to the bathroom. he marches to the front of the theater and up to the 5 kids who can bee seen as a silhouette of 5 annoying heads taking back and forth. The once proud and obnoxious teenagers suddenly shrink in unison into their chairs. The man points at each of them and says: "Which on of you is talking?" They each timidly raise their hands. The mans leans into each of their faces and says: "SHUT...THE FUCK...UP!" and returns to his seat. Everyone was quite happy with that and I started an applause for the man that the entire theater shared in.

Cinema Grade = B-

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