Saturday, June 16, 2007


11700 SE 7th Street, Vancouver, WA 98683
(360) 213-2800

Submitted by Greg R at Home Theatre Forum on 06/02/07:

They will occasionally play art house fare but tend to stay focused on mainstream releases. Everything is very comfortable and there is no riffraff (I have yet to have a problem with the audience noise at one of these shows). They have a mix of stadium/ auditorium seats and living room theaters.

Sound and video are excellent (note I said -video- since all the PJs are Cristie 2k super-HD PJs).

I prefer Cinetopia over Lloyd center and I'm driving from Hillsboro!

Cinema Grade = B


Anonymous said...

Worst experience ever!!! Lies, deception, all for personal gain. What a joke!!!!

Anonymous said...

Owner is a lying, cheating snake!