Monday, June 11, 2007

Cinema World Lincoln Mall

16622 George Washington Highway, Lincoln, RI 02865
(401) 333-8676

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This was my first viewing of JAWS on the big screen. It was amazing!!!

The theatre itself was great. It only sat about 150 people and all seats were comfy with good views. The sound system was good also.

They also had NO COMMERCIALS which was a pleasant surprise.

I saw things I never noticed before! I haven't jumped during JAWS in YEARS.... til Sat. night! When Ben Gardner's head popped up, I jumped a mile though a few others screamed.

I drove about 2 hours one way to see it and would drive it again for the chance to see JAWS on a big screen again...

Show me the way to go home...

Cinema Grade = B


Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to enjoy Jaws on the big screen at our Lincoln location. We also have a location in West Melbourne, FL that's showing classics as part of our Free Midnight Movies series this summer. We'll be showing Jaws at the end of the summer, but will be showing movies like Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, The Lost Boys, The Goonies and tons more before that. If any of your readers live in the Central Florida area, check out the full list at

D. Fennell
Digital Media Marketing Manager
Cinemaworld Theatres

Jonesy said...

Thank you for the link, and thanks for showing these films!

When you have titles for the next series, send us the info and we'll spread the word.

Anonymous said...


Would it be possible to show West Side Story at your theatre at some point in time?