Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Christopher Nolan: The Last Great FILM-Maker?

Christopher Nolan is filming four sequences "The Dark Knight," with extremely high resolution IMAX® cameras using the giant 15/70 film format.

IMAX film captures more image detail, color, and contrast than standard 35mm film, and a VASTLY better picture than digital cameras.

Bravo to Nolan for taking this step to improve the look of his film, while so many other directors are degrading the look of their movies with low resolution digital cameras and projection.

Hopefully, this might lead to an entire film shot in IMAX (or standard 70MM); an event moviegoers couldn't begin to replicate on their HDTVs.

Dark Knight IMAX Press Release


David Jones said...

At this point, the point where my choices are Pirates, Ocean's, Shrek, Spiderman, the debate of video or film has moved down my priority list.

I'd just liked to see a good movie. (Incidentally, Knocked Up is pretty good.)

Perhaps there's a correlation between 'good movie' and 'format'.

I'd like to see data on the Rotten Tomatoes score of video vs film, controlled for genre, budget, etc.

Jonesy said...

Well, Batman Begins was a pretty fun movie. And it was a "film" too!

I'm going to see "Knocked Up" tonight, projected digitally. Look for a report tomorrow.