Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Back on the Big Screen Fantasy

Normally, we like to play it straight here at Movie-Theatre-Reviews-Dot-Blogspot-Dot-Com, and stick to the facts, but in honor of the 30th anniversary of the greatest cinematic fantasy, here's a fantasy of our own:

Star Wars should be re-released to theatres. It should only play in quality theatres with large screens. It should play in 70MM, with its higher resolution, steadier picture, and more vibrant colors.

Every frame should look and sound as it did 30 years ago when it captured our hearts and kindled our imaginations. The scoundrels should shoot first and ask questions later. The vehicles, characters, and locales should have the gritty, lived-in look that made such fantastical settings feel so real; no shiny, artificial CG revisions please.

May 25th, 1977 (and beyond) - Star Wars in 70MM on Giant screens everywhere.

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