Monday, April 2, 2007

Malco Ridgeway Four

5853 Ridgeway Center Parkway, Memphis, TN 38120
(901) 681-2046

Comment by "Tantese" on 04/2007
I saw The Hoax at the Ridgeway 4 in Memphis. Going in I realized it's an old theatre showing foreign and artsy films (which is boon in our part of town), as well as other films like this one so I want to say nice things...but my shoes stuck to the floor! and the the bottom part of the picture was off the screen (which had a black mark in it that was annoying). So clean it up and fix it up. PLEASE!
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Review submitted by "Tantese" on 03/30/07

We saw The Lives of Others at the Ridgeway Four (Malco) Theatre in Memphis on March 29, 2007.

There were maybe 10 people in this large theatre for the 7:25 showing. This theatre is old and in need of some up-dating...but the movie on the sceen was fine, the sound was fine. It was a German movie with clear readable sub-titles.

The experience was good...and perhaps I might have noticed some presentation problems if the MOVIE ITSELF WERE NOT SO GREAT! This one was fully engrossing and a timely reminder of why I love the movies! Wish more people had been there.

Cinema Grade = C-

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Curt said...

You are playing with fire Tantese, don't hate on the Four