Saturday, February 10, 2007

Senator Theatre

5904 York Road, Baltimore, MD 21212
Senator Theatre
(410) 435-8338

Review by: Hayes Preston from Home Theater Forum 02/10/07

The Senator is not just a theater, it's a landmark, a haven for film lovers, a center piece to for Urban renewal and home to very nice dog.

The owner of the theater is part of what makes it so special. He LOVES movies, seriously, I thought I was a movie geek, he is THE movie geek. He stays up with the fans all night while waiting to see the midnight premier of Star Wars. He personally greets filmgoers prior to every show. He hosts special events like Lord of the Rings Trilogy day, Star Wars Saga screenings, almost every premier of John Waters movies, and other national and regional premiers. When Ladder 49 was released he worked with the Baltimore City Fire Department to have the real ladder 49 truck parked in front of the theater for the entire opening weekend.

The concession area makes excellent fresh popcorn and features real drinks like cream soda and root beer (they also have standard fountain drinks and candy)

Did I mention the theater itself? The Senator is hands down the best sounding theater I have ever heard, and I have been to many theaters (East and West Coast) If you see an action movie at the Senator and then go to see the same movie at a multi-plex, you may think that there is something wrong with the sound at the later. The screen is huge and very bright (Tom does not play the dim-the-bulb game!) and the interior of the theater (lobby included) is beautifully restored to it's original art deco elegance.

There is also a private "sky box" at the Senator which you can rent for a very reasonable price. The private area is upstair and patron watch the movie from behind soundproof glass, in rooms on either side of the projection booth. The sound proof glass is so you can enjoy your own food and drink (alcohol is allowed) and not disturb the movie in the main auditorium. Each private room has its own sound system with volume control. When you rent to private area, you can bring your own food and drink as mentioned, the Senator has two rules, no crabs (this is Maryland remember) and no kegs, that's it.

One last thing, the owner Tom plays a mean set of bongos.

Cinema Grade = A

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