Sunday, February 11, 2007

Century Union City

2532100 Union Landing, Union City, CA 94587
(510) 487-9593

Review by: Nick C. from Home Theater Forum 02/11/07

At 25 screens, as far as I know, still the largest cinema in the Bay Area. Relatively new facilities located in a relatively suburban area immediately off the I-880/Alvarado-Niles exit. The screens are split in to two wings, 12 on one side, 13 the other.

Stadium seating throughout, excellent sound and sight lines (aside from the frontmost rows in every screen, which are much too close).

Alternate between reclining and love seating (lifting armrests) every row.

Cash only, tickets are priced a bit higher ($0.50-$1.25 more) than some other local chains, but nothing exorbitant.

Showings usually start at noon during weekends/Fridays/holidays, a bit earlier during school recesses. Good selection of films, all the latest blockbusters and some smaller pictures as well, especially during the Oscar season.

Generally clean and well lit bathroom, three vending counters, with the smaller counters opening up later in the day.

Very crowded on weekends and holidays, parking is now very difficult to find, this is the case year round, with retail shops, services and restaurants opening up seemingly every few months, not to mention the parking lot itself is difficult to navigate with its curves and walkways.

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Comment from Chris, at the Home Theater Forum (06/24/07):

And now the negative with this theater. The projection is atrocious. Every time I go here I complain about the misalignment of the projector, almost every film I see here suffers from trapezoid distortion. Also, many times the projector is out of focus.

Cinema Grade = C

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