Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Arena Grand Theatre

175 West Nationwide Blvd, Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 470-9900
Arena Grand

Review by: Thomas C from Home Theater Forum 02/28/07

All 8 auditoriums in this downtown Columbus multiplex are THX-certified, and it has lived up to that certification every time I have been there. For starters, THX certification makes sure that a movie with big sound like Star Wars won't be heard at all in the next auditorium.

Projection and sound quality have been top-notch in most cases; there was this issue, but I talked to an employee (who happened to be a high school classmate) about it and I haven't experienced that problem since.

Also, there is a train route near the theater and you will hear the train when it toots its horn. Thankfully, only one train has come by while I've been in the theatre.

The popcorn has always tasted a bit stale, so I can only stand to eat a small bag's worth if I add seasoning or the artificial butter.

Parking is $1 for up to 4 hours in an adjacent garage.

Cinema Grade = B+

Comment from Jonesy 05/07: Well, I don't think you should hear anything but the movie, especially when the theatre is paying extra for THX certification. But I'm hear to serve YOU, the moviegoer, so I upgraded the score! (To get an A around here, they have to show past favorites occassionally.)

Comment from Jonesy 02/28: The fact that you are hearing a train outside the building doesn't make this theatre "sound" very good, sadly. (THX certification doesn't seem to mean much these days. I've heard sound from adjacent theates in THX certified auditoriums in several different theatres.) The outside noise, stale popcorn and splicing issues leave me feeling like this theatre is a C+ at best. If there's a case to raise this score, please COMMENT and let me know!


Anonymous said...

"I've heard sound from adjacent theates in THX certified auditoriums in several different theatres."

I've never heard sound from adjacent rooms in this multiplex. Just the faint sound of a train's horn sometimes.

I only saw the splicing issue a couple of times; I didn't comment to management the first time, but after I commented the second time it happened, I never saw it again. A lot of theaters mess up, but I'm guessing only a few care to fix their mistakes. This is one of them.

I would give them an A- or B+; if this theater carried every movie released in Columbus (which isn't possible since it "only" has eight screens), I wouldn't go anywhere else.


lion-gv said...

The last time I was in Columbus, the Arena Grand was definitely the best seat in town. This could be because it was also the newest in town, but additionally it is operated by The Drexel which is an art house chain in Columbus. While their other theaters are not necessarily the nicest, their management does seem to appreciate movies more so than AMC, or Cinemark. I watched the new bond in this theatre and the experience was great. Also, I'm not sure about this location, but the Drexel on Drexel Ave. serves beer to those of age—a big plus in my book.