Friday, February 16, 2007

AMC Dutch Square 14

Broad River and Bush River Rds., Columbia, SC 29210
(803) 750-3576

Review by: Jerome Grate from Home Theater Forum 02/16/07

When in town, we make the effort to go to this theater. The kids and I saw Ant Bully and in most theaters, for some reasons, they suppress the sound when it comes to kid's films, (I guess not to startle the kids), but this theater had some really good sound distribution. Booster seats for the smaller kids and wide seating. This is a multi plex and I'm surprise of the quality and size of each theater.

Cinema Grade = C-
(07/06/08 Changed from B, based on comment below.)


Anonymous said...

While this used to be a great theater, the clientele has changed to such a degree that this is no longer true. The last 3 shows I have gone to at this theater have included the bonus of people having full blown conversations during the movie. While you can theoretically go get management and ask for intervention, by that point you've just missed even more of the movie. It used to be that at least periodically ushers would come in and look for things like that, but I guess theaters don't want to do that anymore. I, for one, will simply avoid that theater in the future. There are a number of other theaters in town that don't have that problem.

Jonesy said...

That's a real shame. Audience disruptions is the #1 reason more and more people are choosing to stay home and wait for video releases, according to our recent poll.

Thanks for the post- it's good to spread the word and let others know.

If you ever go back, try this:

When you get to the theatre, ask a manager for a phone number you can use to reach him or her and store that number into your cell phone.

Then, if there are disruptions, you can quickly and discreetly call and say, "Please do something about the talking in auditorium X."

It's even better if you get the chance to explain this all to the manager ahead of time. Hopefully, he or she will be proactive and monitor the auditorium.

How about some reviews of the better theatres in the area, to let folks know where they should go?