Sunday, January 28, 2007

AMC Van Ness 14

1000 Van Ness Ave. and O'Farrell, San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 674-4630 Live Customer Service
(Call to ask your movie is on one of their nice large screens or a terrible tiny one)

Comment from David Jones:
Saw Hannibal Rising in Auditorium 9 on Feb 24.

Auditorium 9 was tiny. There was a railing that blocked the bottom of the screen where I sat on the first row of the stadium section. The masked the screen from the top whch looked terrible for such a small screen. I was almost as if I was looking down at the screen.

Don't see movies after their first or second week at the AMC Van Ness. The presentation likely won't be worth it. Wait for DVD.

Submitted by David Jones 01/27/07

Saw Dreamgirls at 10:55 PM in auditorium 3.

The screen was quite large with a slight curve, and the picture was bright. At the edges, the picture was slightly out of focus.

The sound was loud, crisp, and enveloping.

The auditorium had a unique shape. All seats were 'stadium' with a sharp slope from the first floor to the last, like an Imax screen. The front-middle rows have the best line of sight and are closer to the screen than most comparable rows.

Though they played annoying commercials prior to the presentation, they masked them with curtains on the sides and expanded them for the presentation.

My date says the theatre smelled of dirty feet.

Auditorium 3: Cinema Grade = B
Auditorium 9: Cinema Grade = F

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