Thursday, November 23, 2006

Century Cinema

41 Tamal Vista, Corte Madera, CA 94925

Comment from Jonesy:
Film: Iron Man 05/03/08 1pm
Excellent presentation. Lars Ulrich was in the audience.

Comment from Jonesy:
Film: Grindhouse 04/01/07 8pm
Excellent Presentation. Chest-punching bass.
The only thing keeping this theatre from recieving an "A" is the fact that they don't ever bring back past favorites during slow spells.

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Comment from Jonesy:
Film: Meet the Robinsons 04/01/07 5pm
Excellent Presentation. I gladly drove past two other theatres showing the same film, and recommend everyone to make every effort to see movies here.
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Comment from Anonymous on 03/26/07:

The air conditioning and/or heating were either silent or off. The room was very dark during the showing, and there were no stray lights. There was no talking. The auditorium was sloped.
The temperature was comfortable, and there were no significant odors.

I noticed no staff monitor the auditorium, but I was watching the movie pretty intently. I think my friend could have caught on fire and I would have only noticed the extra light coming from the seat next to me.

The image was free of dirt, it was vibrant and bright, appeared to be free of scratches, and it appeared to be sock steady while remaining in focus.The image was very slightly projected off to the left and the right of the screen.

The screen was very large and unmarred.

Sound was directional. The dialog was crisp and audible. There are no other screens at this theater and no outside sounds could be heard. The theater rumbled when low notes were struck.

The seats were very comfortable, staggered, and spaced very widely apart.I had a fantastic time at this showing. Not only because the movie (300) was great, but because the theater experience was wonderful. This is my favorite theater in the bay area and it’s nice to be reminded of exactly why that is.
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Comment from Jonesy:
Film: Happy Feet 11/23/06 4:40
Excellent Presentation.
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Comment from Jonesy:
Film: Flags of Our Fathers 10/26/06
Outstanding Presentation. Beautiful Picture. Enveloping sound.
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Century Cinema is the nicest auditorium in San Franciso or the North Bay. The screen is wide and gently curved. The theatre is equipped with DTS, Dolby Digital and SDDS. Sound reproduction is excellent.

The auditorium is gently sloped, ensuring great sight lines.
The presentation is almost always excellent.

"Big" films usually play here. It would be great to see occasional revival screenings of favorite films on off-peak evenings.

Manager Paul sometimes welcomes patrons just before showtime and reminds them to turn off cell phones.

Waiting patrons are subjected to annoying slideshows and video commercials. Century Cinema's presentation would benefit from the use of a curtain.

Cinema Grade = B


Keith said...

By far the best theater in Marin County, and probably all of the North and East bay as well. Large screen, excellent sound, very comfortable seats, decent parking.

I see no less than 20 movies a year there, and they are always perfectly presented, due to it having probably the only manager/projectionist who truly cares about the presentation.

Drawbacks: Side doors open up directly into parking lot which blinds the screen during matinees if some thoughtless patron who arrived in the middle of the previous screening and decides to leave in the middle of this one.

Also, the lobby is relatively very small, meaning noise can be heard during large movies where an audience has arrived for the following show and is being served at the snackbar. Rarely a problem, since audience usually kept outside, but quite noticeable when they are let in.

Manager (Paul) exceptionally nice, and always greets and says good bye after the show, but the staff is hit or miss. Seldom see employees monitoring theater, but trouble always dealt with when brought up.

Jonesy said...

Saw Ratatouille at 7:40 on 06/29. Once again, an excellent film presentation. Bright, steady, evenly focused.

On the plus side, the volume on the annoying pre-show videos were turned down low.

On the minus side, the theatre got pretty warm. (It was full.)

Jonesy said...

Saw Ratatouille again on 7/7 at 7:40.

Excellent presentation.

Hands-down the best place to see a film north of San Jose.

Jonesy said...

Saw The Bourne Ultimatum on 8/11 at 4:45. Excellent presentation.

Strangely, the annoying pre-show ads were heavily devoted to television shows and their was a standee for a new series in the lobby. Is Cinemark suggesting we stay home and watch TV instead of going out to the movies?